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[osee-dev] Communication

Wanted to take a moment to inform you of the different forms of
communication available to Eclipse projects and that OSEE is using.

OSEE Project Summary:
This gives a high-level overview of the OSEE Project and also gives a
way to jump to many of the other areas of communication available.  All
of the other forms of communication (listed below) can be accessed
through this one site.

OSEE Project Website: http://www.eclipse.org/osee/
Gives all the OSEE project information for end-users, developers and
interested parties.

OSEE Newsgroup:
Password protected newsgroup for general discussions about OSEE

OSEE Developer Mailing Lists:
Available for deep-dive developer discussions.

OSEE Committers, Contributors and Collaboration Partners:
Website with persons working on OSEE.  Please submit your picture and
information via Bugzilla
(https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=224930) to be added to
this page.  This should make it easier to identify who's who in the OSEE

OSEE Events, Milestones and News stories:

> Donald G. Dunne
> Senior Software Engineer
> Open System Engineering Environment <http://www.eclipse.org/osee/> 
> Longbow Apache Software
> The Boeing Company
> 480-891-4959
> donald.g.dunne@xxxxxxxxxx