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Re: [ormf-dev] Skype conference

On 10 Oct 2008, at 17:46, Achim Lörke wrote:

Quoting "Ingenierubüro Ponikwar (ORMF)" <ormf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> ...
> With respect to the conferencing issue, I have bought a contract with
> GoToMeeting to use on two of my projects to reduce travelling. The
> contract allows me to schedule meetings with up to 15 participants.
> Meetings include audio, video, screen and application sharing. It
> does require some applet to be downloaded, but it is certified for
> Win, Linux and Mac. The costs are acceptable (about â?¬ 30/ month) and
> we could use this for our meetings on sunday at no extra cost, since
> I do not have any time or volume limits.

We should try this, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea on such short notice.

I agree. Possibly we can try this out in a small group with Wolfgang next week and if all goes well use it for the next meeting.

On the other hand, I just read (while setting up Skype on my desktop) that the conference feature of Skype was "suspended" as of 2008-09-01. Since I rarely use Skype I'm not sure if this is a feature we need.

First I've heard. I do not think this affects us but could you send a url so we can check it out.

> This does not, however, solve the lack of participation, but it might
> make meetings more effective (attractive??).

Hopefully all team members are back from their vacations :-)

Yea :-)