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Re: [ormf-dev] Skype conference

Hi Barbara,

sorry for not having told you, but I had taken a week off. Away from computers, internet amd even mobile phones.
I just returned back home, sweeping through my e-mails.
With respect to the conferencing issue, I have bought a contract with GoToMeeting to use on two of my projects to reduce travelling. The contract allows me to schedule meetings with up to 15 participants. Meetings include audio, video, screen and application sharing. It does require some applet to be downloaded, but it is certified for Win, Linux and Mac. The costs are acceptable (about € 30/ month) and we could use this for our meetings on sunday at no extra cost, since I do not have any time or volume limits.
This does not, however, solve the lack of participation, but it might make meetings more effective (attractive??).

Kind regards,

Barbara Rosi-Schwartz schrieb:

Zero turnout tonight (except for Joel, of course).

Seeing how nobody has commented on this idea of the conference call, let alone participated tonight, we are suspending the weekly calls until such a time as specific ORMF team members (more than one) request its reinstatement.

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