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Re: [ormf-dev] The plan!

Hi Achim,

On 26 Sep 2008, at 13:02, Achim Loerke wrote:

Hi B.

I've just read the plan. On the iterations 1 to 9 I trust your judgment. I11 to I15 seem a bit long: 15 weeks of bugfixing and 5 RCs. I hope it doesn't come to that :-)

The 5 RCs seem to be typical of most Eclipse. As I understand it they are short iterations that allow for feedback from the community and rapid addressing of deficiencies that come to light. I agree with you that 15 weeks seems long and with luck we will be able to declare victory early :-) I also believe that spare time during this period can be well spent getting started on the next release.

Did you include time for documentation and testing in the first 9 iterations or is this on top? In my experience this would add another 25% to the time frame but should reduce the need for extensive bugfixing at the release.

Yes, in fact we first estimated the tasks trying to be realistic on the conservative side, and allowing for learning curves. Then we added 100% to cover rework, project management, process, configuration management, documentation, testing, contingency, etc. That is consistent with my (somewhat jaded) experience.

I assume that once the plan is committed that we start to distribute tasks (again)? I still very much want to work on ORMF but there seems always to be an obstacle emerging. So maybe it's best you and Joel ask for help on the work you're starting and I'll try my very best :-)

Yes, that is the plan. We will be starting this weekend getting task into Bugzilla.

One thing I would specifically ask of you Achim and Vasile. We would really like to do a good job at functional testing. If it is possible to utilise GUIDancer it would be really brilliant. Assuming that is possible, I would like it if Vasile could be trained up on GUIDancer so he can take on the functional testing with you and Barbara mentoring him. Vasile, this would not take up all of your time so you will definitely have the opportunity to pick up other tasks and skills. If Vasile is willing to take it on, are you willing to get him trained up so he is ready to go?

We already have a fairly good starting set of test cases that are generic so they are tool agnostic. I believe that you have said that with GUIDancer it is not necessary to have the GUI running to start writing the scripts. Is that accurate? With the presented plan we will have ORMF running again at the end of Iteration 1 and functional testing could actually be started then. It would be fantastic to have a set of regression tests in place before we tear apart the system for EMF.

Many thanks,


Barbara Rosi-Schwartz wrote:
Hi all.
I am attaching the project plan for ORMF and Useme. It spans the entire life cycle from 1 Oct 2008 to release 1.0.0.
All feedback is warmly encouraged, bearing in mind that the final version, in the appropriate format, needs to be submitted by 30 Sep, which means I will need to receive all comments by Sunday 28 at the latest, in order to have sufficient time to incorporate them.
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