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[ormf-dev] The plan and the way forward


As you all know the EF requires all teams to file an annual plan by the end of September. This has caused B. and I to look very hard at the state of the team, since the plan is of course directly linked to the available resources. In consultation with our mentors we have decided that the sensible thing to do is to create the plan based solely on what B. and are able to deliver in the time period. We will be following up this message with an outline of this plan in a few days. It will be finalised before the deadline of EOM a week from today.

This does not mean that we do not desire your assistance, it simply means that we have to make the commitments that we believe are achievable come what may. Therefore all of the broad task responsibilities will lie with B. and myself for the time being. To make it easier for the entire team to become involved we will be creating fine grained tasks in Bugzilla which any of you are welcome to take ownership of as you feel you have the time to complete. Our hope is that over time everyone will hit a stride and will be able to make significant contributions to the project.

Please know that neither B. nor I (nor the mentors) are being at all critical of the level of participation to date. We all understand that life is full of hard choices, intrusions and ever changing circumstances. Above all I want to say that I appreciate that each of you put yourself forward to participate because you care about what we are accomplishing. That in itself puts you in the one percentile of the human race who declare that they want to make a difference. Thank you.

As always, any questions please holler.

me & b.