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[ormf-dev] All source now in SVN and need assistance with the CQs

Hi all,

I have finished off the refactoring and all of the the code is now checked into SVN. Attached is a screen shot of the the repository layout. B. will be documenting this more properly in out Wiki soon. In the meanwhile I am sure that everyone will be able to work out getting copies from the picture.

Where we are now with third party libraries is that I have filed CQs and everything that ORMF presently requires; the full list can be viewed here ORM CQs.  These can be broken down in the following categories:   

  • ORMF contribution from Etish, this is 2536 and nothing further is required from the team.
  • approved state (reuse of Orbit): these are third party libraries that we have approval to use. These come from the Eclipse Orbit we can use the Orbit packaging "as is" in our project. They simply need to be downloaded and added to our project as "binary projects".
  • approved state (not Orbit): these are third party libraries that have been approved in another Eclipse project so have been granted approval to reuse.
  • awaiting_analysis: these are third party libraries that we have interim permission to use per the parallel IP process.
  • new: no action on our part required.
  • triage: there are issues the emo-ip team is looking into
  • awaiting_committer: these have issues that need our attention

I would appreciate assistance with two of the awaiting_committer, 2569 and 2572.  Both of these require chasing down pedigree of the source. Who would be willing to pick these up.

As far as the repository is concerned, my next task is to generate "binary plug-ins" for all of the third party libraries we have approval on. Then I have to update the dependencies of ORMF plug-ins to use these. Then I will check these all in. This will get done tomorrow. ORMF will still not compile however until we have the okay to use those that are awaiting emo-ip approval.

All the best,

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