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[ormf-dev] Re: Have you signed up for ormf-dev

Thanks Harm. My guess is that the provisioning is still in process, but the mail list does work, I have tested it. If is not listed by the end of this week I will ping Anne with a request to check it.

All the best,

On 15 Jul 2008, at 14:17, Harm Sluiman wrote:


I notice that ormf does not yet show up in the community pages that list the mailing lists here http://www.eclipse.org/mail/

Thanks for your time.
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Joel Rosi-Schwartz <Joel.Rosi-Schwartz@xxxxxxxxx>

07/14/2008 04:23 PM

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Have you signed up for ormf-dev


Could each of the team please confirm (to the whole team;-) when you have successfully subscribed to the ormf-dev mail list. Once everyone has acknowledged this, I suggest that we cease using personal email for project matters. If for some reason you think that continuing to use private email has value in some circumstances, please bring it up so the team can discuss the merits.

You can take this email as confirmation that both B. and I are subscribed.

P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail. Thank you.

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