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[orion-releng] Orion Build : I20120515-2230

Title: Orion Build I20120515-2230
See here for the build results: I20120515-2230
The build contains the following changes:
+ Bug 368432 - Define the shape of resource using parameters (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 376640 - eliminate the multiple rendering calls when updating the toolbar for command contributions (FIXED)
+ Bug 377018 - need consistent selection, highlighting, cursoring strategy across pages with lists (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 378874 - Revisit project, workspace, and file system terminology (FIXED)
+ Bug 379199 - Create new content is empty?? (FIXED)
+ Bug 379435 - making the favorites panel a "navigator" for the navigator. (NEW)
+ Bug 379437 - Replace "Hide" action in Section Headers with a twistie (FIXED)
+ Bug 379539 - Git Commit page does not work (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

Test Results 

Test# TestsFailuresErrorsSuccess RateTime
 JS Tests - Chrome 12@JS-CHROME12@
 JS Tests - Firefox 11.0@JS-FIREFOX11@
 JS Tests - Internet Explorer 9.0@JS-IE9@
 JUnit Tests: Server Tests@SERVER-TESTS@