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[orion-releng] Orion Build : I20120117-2230

Title: Orion Build I20120117-2230
See here for the build results: I20120117-2230
The build contains the following changes:
+ Bug 362337 - CSS syntax highlighting confusion for comments (NEW)
+ Bug 367428 - [contentassist] Offer better completions for HTML tables and lists (FIXED)
+ Bug 367781 - should HTML content assist live in the editor plugin (FIXED)
+ Bug 368061 - Unable to bind Orion server to specific IP address (FIXED)
+ Bug 368802 - [progress] Progress icon not shown in Chrome (FIXED)
+ Bug 368815 - [progress] Operations minilist popup doesn't close on FF 9.0.1 (FIXED)
+ Bug 368885 - git-repository.html needs to be built (NEW)

The following projects have changed:

Test Results 

Test# TestsFailuresErrorsSuccess RateTime
 JS Tests - Chrome 1226300100.00%18.348
 JS Tests - Firefox 7.0.126300100.00%19.998
 JS Tests - Firefox 8.0.126300100.00%19.516
 JS Tests - Internet Explorer 9.022800100.00%26.184
 JUnit Tests: Server Tests2700199.63%279.073