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[orion-dev] Orionode v0.0.8 now available on npmjs.org

I've just published Orionode v0.0.8 to the npm package registry [1]. This version is based on Orion 2.0M2. One noteworthy feature is that, due to the recent library independence work done in Orion, the Orionode module now has fewer dependencies, and installs much faster.

You can get it by running this command from your shell (assuming you've got Node.js and npm installed):

npm install orion

Or, if you've got an older version installed through npm, just do this:

npm update orion

After installing, run the server using

npm start


node server.js

For full instructions, see the Getting Started guide [2].


[1] https://npmjs.org/package/orion
[2] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Orion/Getting_Started_with_Orion_node