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Re: [orion-dev] Issue with embedding Orion.Client

On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 1:11 PM, Zachariah Moreno <xachmoreno@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello All,

I have been attempting to embed orion.client into a Chrome DevTools panel, as part of my efforts for Google Summer of Code. The first method I used was outlined by Felipe Heidrich in his blog post Using the Orion Editor with Almond, which was a success in most ways but not others. So I switched my method of embedding to use the the example presented by John Arthorne (thank you btw) in his more recent post Examples of Embedding The Orion Editor, which is more fitting for use in conjunction with the API exposed in DevTools. Last week, John Barton was kind enough to spend some time with me on this project. We determined John Arthorne's Embedded editor example was the most fitting for our desired outcome & the switch was made successfully in this repo. However, the file structure of orion.client was not maintained to get this working in a short period of time. After reviewing this progress, John Barton suggested I go through the process again, while maintaining the orion.client file structure to allow for ease of updates in the future (which I completely agree with). I have created a separate repo for this change & updated all of the paths to reflect this, but I am getting Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'CssContentAssistProvider' of undefined chrome-extension://hnnbddcdmjkbcckijnphgophmegpflhe/embeddededitor.js:47. From what I can tell, `mCSSContentAssist.CssContentAssistProvider()` is only referenced in embeddededitor.js & the error never came up when I did my first implementation. If anyone has any thoughts or advice please don't hesitate to share.

embeddededitor.js uses require.js with module ids like:
All of the arguments that match these ids are 'undefined'.

I have no idea how this can happen (require.js is loading the files but not passing the exports to the arguments of define).  I suggest checking the version of require.js against the one used by Orion.


Thank You Kindly,

Zachariah Moreno
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