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Re: [orion-dev] User Experience Call

Kris De Volder <kdvolder@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 05/01/2012 03:27:56 PM:
> Here's a different type of example (no white space involved).
> Say I have this line of code:
>   response.end("Hello Kris");
> Now search from navigator for 'Kris'.
> It doesn't find the line above.

This worked for me. I wonder if you typed the line and then immediately searched for it. That is a big current limitation in our search - because it is index based and the index may not be up to date at the moment you search.

It is also definitely true that it is harder to get an index-based search to be "perfect" compared to a manual file system crawl on each search. We have been making steady improvements but I'm sure there are still problematic cases. On the flip side, our search is vastly more performant and scalable than a naive file system search. When I go back to Eclipse desktop now I am struck by how incredibly slow it is. I just did a search for "Kris" in my Eclipse desktop workspace, which isn't particularly large, and it took over two minutes. The same search on my Orion workspace, which is slightly smaller but comparable in size, took under 300ms. Performance certainly doesn't excuse any failure to find a match, but it's definitely a consideration for Orion to scale up beyond small applications and workspaces.

Everyone please continue to report bugs if you have a search case that doesn't work...