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Re: [orion-dev] LotD: editor style shots.

I just wanted to pick up on this thread...I was going to raise it on
the call but we were short on time.

Is the plan that Orion becomes theme-able to the degree that I can
configure it into something that looks like, say, http://koding.com
(just as an example).  Or am I really only going to be able to change
things that radically if I reassemble the orion parts in my own

I guess, personally, that is the question I've been wrestling with
lately: is Orion going to be my IDE in the future, or is it going to
be something built from the reusable pieces.


On 2 April 2012 13:07, Mike Wilson <Mike_Wilson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Some nice stuff here.
> McQ.
> Brilliant Shots of Source Code and IDE Editors
> http://www.designtickle.com/2012/04/dribbble-shots-source-code-ide-editors/
> .
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