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Re: [orion-dev] Google Summer of Code 2012

Excuse my naive question but is Portugal a programming language? If so, Orion tooling support for a single programming language seems like quite a reasonable scope for a GSOC project. There was a GSOC project for PHP tooling in Orion last year and I think it worked very well. Personally I would recommend a more popular programming language but if you're committed to using Portugal that sounds fine. Note that the deadline is rapidly approaching so you will need to get a proposal drafted soon!


João Santos wrote on 04/04/2012 10:25:33 AM:
> Hello there my name is João Reys Santos,

> I would like to apply for this project for GSoC 2012, I think it is
> very interesting and challenging.

> My main focus would be Orion language tooling for Portugal.

> But I have a question, is this a short objective or should I aim higher?

> I have some PHP, HTML and _javascript_ knowlegde by the way.