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Re: [orion-dev] New Git Repository page is linked to the Orion header

> > As far as cloning, if you click the "Repositories" link at the top of the
> > page, you should be presented a page that has "Clone Repository" in the
> > toolbar.  Is the problem that the page is not loading?  If so, for now,  
> > try
> > localStorage.clear() and then reload the plugins.   This is unfortunate,
> > but still a fact of life in some cases when folks have stale plugin
> > metadata lying around.
> I see the Repositories link and the page loads, but I have no "Clone  
> repository" link.

I've just fixed that [1]. The fix is in the repo. I think it will be on orion.eclipse.org tomorrow.

[1] 370472: "Clone" and "Init" not shown when there is no repo