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[orion-dev] searchClient.js

I created a fix for 336277. And no, this message is not about trying to get this fix applied ASAP.
Rather, I'm having some second thoughts about the 'fix' so I'd like some feedback about some things I'm not so sure about.

All of my changes went into 'searchClient.js' and it does seem to fix what I was trying to fix. I.e. the 'open resource' dialog to look more like the desktop one, with ' - path/to/file' appended to entries that have the same file name.

However I fear about potential side-effects / breakage to other things. Since the searchClient seems to be a more general bit of functionality that's probably used by other things as well...

For one, there's the CTRL-H search function. 

I tried that quickly and did find that my 'fix' may cause some UI problems there. The 'post-it' note that pops up for CTRL-H search results doesn't seem to have enough space for results if they have long path names appended to them. (Though I guess the same would probably happen if the file names where too long as well).

So 3 questions:
1) what should/could I do about the breakage of CTRL-H (some options I considered):
  - assume that its the CTRL-H implementations problem to deal with layout/spacing for its search results.
  - find a way to only turn on the 'add path' functionality for CTRL-SHIFT-R dialog
  - limit the length of the path strings somehow by chopping away bits if they are 'too long'. 

2) are there other users of searchClient.js that I may have broken that I don't even know about?