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Re: [orion-dev] repository page

I'm sure the bug below was already mentioned on the list:

359621: [client] Flat layout style for repositories page
Szymon Brandys

From:        John J Barton <johnjbarton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        Orion developer discussions <orion-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        2012-01-11 01:22
Subject:        [orion-dev] repository page
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I'm sure I complained about this before, perhaps this version is more convincing:

The repo page the name of the repo invites you do click it. You know you want to: that is why you are on this page. So you click it. Arrghh. It's just the almost-never-used meta-data slide out *again*. When will I learn? Never!

What do you want to do *most* of the time? Git Status!

I think the repo name should link Git Status (or Navigator or nothing perhaps). The metadata thing should be under the actions menu.

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