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[orbit-dev] Attention required to IP log xml file for at least 8 bundles

Please see bug 377953


if you are "owner" of one of these bundles:

com.google.guava         10.0.1
org.apache.commons.dbcp   1.4.0
org.apache.commons.pool   1.3.0
org.apache.commons.pool   1.4.0
org.apache.commons.pool   1.6.0
org.apache.lucene.highlighter 3.5.0
org.ow2.jotm.jotm-core    2.1.9
org.quartz                1.6.0

There's some incorrect data some where in the ip_log.xml file
and causes "CQ number" and "contact" cells to be empty (and "notes", if any provided.

This is M7! We should be pretty correct by now!

Apologies for not noticing earlier, but we need to fix these today.