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[orbit-dev] Naming of Google Guava Bundle


I'm not sure about the bundle name to use for the Google Guava 10.0.1 bundle. Guava team does not give any osgi information, so I thought it would be best to ask here for comments.

I see two different names that make sense to me.

1. "com.google.guava": This is close to what they use as maven coordinate "com.google.guava:guava".
2. "com.google.common": This is the primary package of the bundle. Package naming does not use guava in it. That way, it would be in the line with Google Guice which lives under the namespace com.google.inject instead of com.google.guice.

I've used 1. before in Code Recommenders but tend towards 2. since it seems to be more in accordance to the common eclipse naming conventions. I'll prepare it this package now. But if this causes any severe issues on your end you should stand up soon :)