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Re: [orbit-dev] N-builds and orbit bundles from branches?

Jeff McAffer wrote:
>   Does that mean using some ant scripts that PDE provide or generate
> under the hood?
Yes, this is a PDE build facility

> What if project is using custom build, maybe even not
> based on Ant? How that build supposed to get or package some particular
> Orbit bundle?

If you are doing your own thing then well, it is your challenge. Eclipse provides solutions and support for the expected workflows and processes. That includes the idea that you do not build everything that you include in your output. The build processes you put together should accomodate those characteristics. Take for example a third party *bundle* that comes to you signed. You cannot rebuild it and maintain signatures. You have to simply consume it and include it verbatim.
The problem is that neither Orbid or PDE define well structured repository that would allow to discover location of the prebuilt artifacts based on their identity. It would be beneficial to the consumers of Orbit if it would provide something like that.
As possible implementation I can point to Ivy or Maven tools. They both have Ant tasks to fetch artifacts by id from the structured repositories, including the custom ones.
The built orbit bundles are (or will be) available on the Orbit download site individually and in an all-inclusive zip. We can certainly create other structures for this but in the absence of driving usecases we elected in the first conference call to go this route to start.
Well, it is been shown that downloads like that are hard to deal in the end-user builds. That is why tools like Ivy or Maven are gaining popularity.
> > As for development in the workspace, you can of course check out the
> > Orbit projects inot your workspace or add the built versions to your
> > target.
>   Hmm. You mean that developer would need to manually download, unzip,
> etc those bundles? That seem quite error prone and also quite painful
> when you'll need to configure it on every developer's environment,
> unless I am missing something...

First, note that this is a different issue from the one originally being discussed. This point is how do people populate a workspace environement with Orbit bundles. As with any Eclipse bundle today, there are roughly two choices, check out the related project from CVS or get the built bundle and put it in your target. The mechanisms for doing that are no different for Orbit or any other Eclipse project.
It is different, because Orbit does not provide the update site.
Now, is it quite reasonable to observe that the current situation, across the board, is less than optimal. I agree and the PDE team has been working to make better/simpler workflows for adding new bundles to targets. The vision further down the pike is to make this seamlessly integrated with provisoning as a whole but we are not there yet.
I know, but perhaps PDE could reuse existing open source techologies to achieve that seamlessness?
Does that address your concerns?
 I am afraid it raise even more concerns. :-(