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[ohf-dev] OHF Face to Face meeting

hi All

There will be a face to face meeting for OHF committers
and anyone else who is interested in OHF at the Sheraton Atlanta
on Sunday 16th Septemeber from 9:00am to 12:30pm.

Note that this meeting is an adjunct to the HL7 plenary meeting
that starts the same day (a matter of convenience, since many
of the committers will be at the HL7 meeting anyway)

Currently, we have the following items on the agenda:
* project reports (brief)
* update on the status of OHT (was OHIT in the past)
* a presentation from RedHat concerning closer collaboration (?)
* How to implement HL7 V3 in the new IHE profiles
* A set of issues related to Java, Eclipse, and EMF versions
* planning for a Formal release (post incubation release)

I will post a more complete Agenda later. If you have any suggestions,
send them to me or post them to the ohf-dev mailing lists.


p.s. thanks to Donald Smith (Eclipse HQ) for assisting with the
    meeting arrangements