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[oaw-wg] EclipseCon Submissions redview - modeling meets runtime (oaw + riena)

I made some submissions for EclipseCon 2010,
two of them are about using oaw (MWE, Xpand/Xtend/Xtext) and Riena

Submission 1091 (Standard Talk 25 min)
Dynamic EMF Views (not only) for OSGI Business Applications

Submission 1092 (Tutorial 120 min)
Modeling meets Runtime: in 2 hours from your domain model to a running RCP application with UI Designer

perhaps you like to vote or comment ;-)

ekke (ekkehard gentz)
independent software-architect
senior erp-consultant
eclipse | osgi | equinox | mdsd | oaw | emf | uml
max-josefs-platz 30, D-83022 rosenheim, germany
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