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Re: [nebula-dev] Moving from hallvard/nebula to org.eclipse.nebula


I tried to push, but it was rejected for the same reason as before, stepan is (correctly) not recognized as a committer. When looking at the commit history at hallvard/nebula I get the impression that I am the committer, while Stepan is the author, so I'm surprised the problem is still there.

I then tried to rebase hallvard/nebula again, this time changing the author name and email using --amend, but when continuing rebase gave the following error: Could not apply be44e07... Added more docs for GeoMap code, added constructor overload for setting the tilecache size on a per-geomap basis

I think I need some help here...


On 01.06.12 17.37, Wim Jongman wrote:
I would say, as long as you do not force anything, git will figure it out.

So just

$ git push origin master

would do the trick.

On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 2:07 PM, Hallvard Trætteberg <hal@xxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:hal@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    I have now rebased, so that the commit from Stepan is now by me with
    him as the author. I have then followed the recipe you gave (see
    below) for merging with org.eclipse.nebula.

    The log shows that my GeoMap commits are mixed with others that have
    been pulled from eclipse/nebula (the github mirror). I would have
    expected/hoped that the others' commits would have been recognized
    as already performed in org.eclipse.nebula. Now I'm afraid that
    these also are registered as my commits, hence look different,
    although the original authors are correct.

    Do you think it is OK to push this to org.eclipse.nebula?


     >>> from previous post by Wim <<<

    Then, to get everything into the eclipse repository:

    go to an empty directory:

    // Clone the official git repository
    $ git clone

    // Add a master to hallvard github
    $ git remote add upstream https://github.com/hallvard/__nebula

    //Fetches any of your changes
    $ git fetch upstream

    // Merges any changes fetched into your local working files
    $ git merge upstream/master

    // Push the changes back to eclipse
    $ git push origin master

This should fix it.



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