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[nebula-dev] Plan to resigning as Nebula Project Lead

Hi Nebula-Devs & Technology PMC,

This is not an easy step and I don't take that step slightly but it came
apparent to me last week that I'm blocking Nebula's success more and
more because of being the bottleneck in communication, taking action, ... .

I recognized this because I didn't even managed to clean up our download
area within weeks so that we could get the restructuring going which
then once more blocks new contributions.

I'm not going to vanish today and naturally I'm going to stay here as a
developer taking care of widgets I inherited from Chris Gross (and
helping out the new lead whenever he needs guidance) but I really think
Nebula needs someone with more energy and time because the project and
your widgets really deserve it. It's exactly your/our widgets who can
make an SWT/RCP application look slick.

As said in the paragraph above I'm not resigning today or next week but
I'd like us to get a discussion started on who wants to take over the
job moving Nebula forward as we outlined it in our restructuring proposal.


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