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[nebula-dev] Proposal for a tag cloud widget

Hello Nebula Developers,

I was wondering if you are interested in a widget I wrote - it is a tag cloud visualization inspired by wordle (http://www.wordle.net/), which I was developing for a project at my university. It still requires some more testing and documentation (and performance/memory improvements), but nevertheless it is usable already. If you'd like to take a look, you will find it at https://github.com/sschwieb/Cloudio - maven will generate the core plug-in as well as a demo RCP application, but to get a first impression, some screenshots and code snippets can be found in the wiki (https://github.com/sschwieb/Cloudio/wiki).

The tag cloud itself is customizable in many ways - fonts, font sizes, colors and rotation can be defined for each rendered string, and the layout algorithm can also be modified easily. I also implemented a TagCloudViewer, which supports label- and content providers, and added support for zooming as well as mouse- and selection listeners. The licence already is EPL, and the widget does not make use of any third party libraries or other external code.

Please let me know what you're thinking - if the widget would generally fit into Nebula, I would spend some more time to meet your requirements.

All the best,
Stephan Schwiebert