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[nebula-dev] Import-Package vs. Require-Bundle


I recently upgraded my workspace to 3.6.2 . Shortly(!) after that, I
cannot compile CDT anymore.

The reason for this is that Eclipse started to satisfy the
org.eclipse.swt Import-Package by selected a RAP plugin instead of the
default SWT.
Unfortunately, that plugin has insufficent access granted and misses a
few fields, so CDT can't compile.

As RAP is nowadays included in the default RCP and BIRT developer's
packages, I guess a few people will run into this.

Bug#214867 (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=214867 )
argues in favor of Import-Package, but I had to change it back to
Require-Bundle locally to get things going again.

Is there a proper way to resolve this, other than helping with the
development of RAP ;-] ?