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Re: [nebula-dev] Ordering columns programmatically?


Great stuff! I got it working with our project EMF model and created 4 different ToolItems to represent my data groupings. I have two questions on the implementation. First, I fail to see the implementation that handles adding menu items to the dropdown list (your example has “Name Status” and “Name Description”). Second, as a result of the first (I’m assuming here) my CustomizeData objects don’t show up in the Table Customization like yours did (again, the same two that were in the dropdown)? I fail to wee where I lost this? The only thing I removed was the refresh button because I am using EMF data binding instead. I tested that removal on your example and it had no effect on ToolItems in you dropdown nor did it remove them from the Table Customization so I’m confident that didn’t affect anything? There is a lot of code and functionality in XViewer and yes examples certainly explain things. However, you can’t provide examples for everything you can do with it and here is where documentation would be useful. If I could find time to add some Java Doc to the classes at least to get the process started, what would be the process of getting the classes promoted to the repository be? I’ve kind of been following some of the additions and changes that others have contributed that last couple of months. What would be nice is to maybe have omething like separate repository branches so changes could be committed without affecting anything else. Then the changes could be reviewed and accepted or rejected from the repository time permitting? What do you think?




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I've added an example of this to the example package withing the xviewer plugin.  Sync up the latest source code to see it. 

You can run MyXViewerTest.java  (in Eclipse, right-click -> Run-As -> Java Application) to see it work.


The customization icon allows the user to easily toggle between the table default and their stored options.

Also added MyDefaultCustomizations to answer your question, Mike, on how to build a CustomizeData object to be sent in upon user selecting to change.  The example also has two items at the top to show how they can be used.


To also answer your question here:


   public static CustomizeData getCompletionCustomization() {
      CustomizeData data = "" CustomizeData();
      data.setName("Name Status");


      XViewerColumn nameColumn = MyXViewerFactory.Name_Col.copy();


      XViewerColumn percentCol = MyXViewerFactory.Completed_Col.copy();


      return data;

Hope that helps,



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Subject: Re: [nebula-dev] Ordering columns programmatically?

Thanks Donald,

I’ve been looking at the code for CustomizeManager, CustomizeData, XViewerColumn, and XViewerFactory to try and determine the best way to go about creating CustomizeData objects to represent my data groupings. Currently in the example code the columns are created and registered in the factory class. As well, what you see in the table are those columns created and registered from the factory class. Are you saying that I should create XViewerColumns and add then to a CustomizeData object along with any filters and sorters I might want and then just load a customization selected by the user as described below. I’m failing to see the connection between the columns defined in the XViewerFactory and those defined from a CustomizeData object? Do all columns need to be defined from the MyXViewerFactory up front and then added to a CustomizeData object to create the different data views? Could you elaborate a little on this process?





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Subject: Re: [nebula-dev] Ordering columns programmatically?


Since an XViewer customization includes width, sorting, filtering and etc, you can't just reorder the columns, you have to set a full CustomizationData object.  From XViewer class, you can getCustomizationMgr().loadCustomization(CustomizeData)


Your pulldown selection can just select the appropriate CustomizeData and set it.


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Subject: [nebula-dev] Ordering columns programmatically?

Maybe someone can help me here? I want to be able to build different pre-defined data groupings. I have a dropdown which allows the user to select the group of data they want to see. In the process of doing this the order of the columns needs to change to match the new data and grouping. This requires me to add/delete some columns as well as reorder some columns. I provide content and label providers to define each data grouping and reset them and the input when the user makes a selection from the Group By dropdown menu. I added a function in my extension of the XViewer Factory that calls clearColumnRegistration and then I re-register the columns in the order I want. Problem is that the columns never reorder. The new content and label providers appear to get set and my data gets re-ordered but the column headers remain in the same position? So the headers don’t match the column data? I now you can hide and reorder columns from the Customize Dialog and by just dragging columns to a different position but I’m interested in doing this programmatically to get the data the user really wants to see and the way they want to see it. I’m I going about this in the right way or am I missing something? Anyone try something like this yet? Any explanation of why I can’t reorder the columns by clearing them from the registration and re-registering then would be helpful.