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Re: [nebula-dev] XViewer - appearance of the customization dialog

Here is a screenshot of my current effort:

It shows the new UIs for configuring sorting and column filters. You can also see
that I've squished the dialog enough to force a scrollbar to fit the various
configuration sections. The column filter text can be edited in-place by selecting
the cell. The sort state and order can be toggled (yes/no, ascending/descending) by
selecting the cell, as well. Hiding/showing columns removes/adds them from/to the
tables in the relevant sections.

I have striven to maintain all existing functionality -- at least all of it that I
was able to identify.  There is a new constructor for the dialog which allows the
user to pass in the sections to be displayed. The default (existing) constructor
will show all of the previously-available sections.

I've attached the current state of the code. Do with it as you like. If you would
like me to commit it, I'll be happy to do that when I get authorization.

My only remaining item is to internationalize the text strings in preparation for
translation. It does not appear anything along these lines has been done in XViewer
at all, so I assume nobody will object to me pulling the text strings out in the
standard way (property files)?

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