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Re: [nebula-dev] Ordering columns programmatically?

Since an XViewer customization includes width, sorting, filtering and etc, you can't just reorder the columns, you have to set a full CustomizationData object.  From XViewer class, you can getCustomizationMgr().loadCustomization(CustomizeData)
Your pulldown selection can just select the appropriate CustomizeData and set it.

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Subject: [nebula-dev] Ordering columns programmatically?

Maybe someone can help me here? I want to be able to build different pre-defined data groupings. I have a dropdown which allows the user to select the group of data they want to see. In the process of doing this the order of the columns needs to change to match the new data and grouping. This requires me to add/delete some columns as well as reorder some columns. I provide content and label providers to define each data grouping and reset them and the input when the user makes a selection from the Group By dropdown menu. I added a function in my extension of the XViewer Factory that calls clearColumnRegistration and then I re-register the columns in the order I want. Problem is that the columns never reorder. The new content and label providers appear to get set and my data gets re-ordered but the column headers remain in the same position? So the headers don’t match the column data? I now you can hide and reorder columns from the Customize Dialog and by just dragging columns to a different position but I’m interested in doing this programmatically to get the data the user really wants to see and the way they want to see it. I’m I going about this in the right way or am I missing something? Anyone try something like this yet? Any explanation of why I can’t reorder the columns by clearing them from the registration and re-registering then would be helpful.