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Re: [nebula-dev] XViewer Widget problems?

No problem, just trying to lobby for someone else, better than myself, to document this.  :>)
I did a search and didn't find any reference to the package (org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.xviewer.test) in any code outside the package, so I'm not sure what you're referring to with the XViewerColumn having test dependencies. 
The test package is a little confusing though, so I refactored it into an "example" package which should be more useful and provided more documentation at http://wiki.eclipse.org/Nebula_XViewer_Getting_Started#Running_XViewer_examples
That should help a little.

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I am new on the nebula mailing list and got on it because of problems trying to use the XViewer widget. I am working with the XViewer source I downloaded from the Nebula sight. It looks to also contain the XViewer test code. I am trying to figure out what parts belong in the API and which parts are internal and are not part of the API so I can use it as intended. Does anyone on the team have any XViewer examples that I could examine for this purpose. I have the test code but it does not make a good candidate for an example. It uses internal libraries that probably only exist for testing, has hard coded data right in the classes to mention just a few problems. It is difficult to tell what interfaces should be implemented in order to use the XViewer and which should be only accessed by XViewer code. The test example seems highly coupled especially the code addressing columns? Documentation is scarce to say the least so any help on this issue would be appreciated.


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