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[nebula-dev] XViewer questions

First, a little introduction: I've been upgrading part of our UI this week and came
across XViewer. I've incorporated it as a replacement for TreeViewer and it is working
great for us!  The quick text-filtering and searching, as well as the drag-n-drop column
reordering were on our feature list and I'm happy to call them done without doing much
real work :>

I've followed a little of the process of getting the builds fixed and am looking forward
to being able to get a JAR or plugin, rather than including the source in our tree.

I've got a few questions that I haven't been able to resolve yet:

1) The "id" passed into the columns - what is it's purpose?  In the example, it is something
like "xviewer.test.complete" and shows in the column tooltip as well as the column
descriptions in the customization dialog. That example value seems somewhat unnatural for
the end-user (depending on your end-user base), so I'm guessing that I'm just not understanding
how it should be used. I tried "turning it off" (by passing in null or empty strings) but
judging by the results, that was obviously not an intended use-case :>

2) We highlight certain rows by changing the background color.  When I do a search, any
cells which are:
a) not highlighted by the search, and
b) in a row with the changed background color, and
c) blank
will end up with the changed background color removed - e.g. the background changes to white.
Not a serious problem, but a little ugly.  Is it a known problem?

3) using the supplied text filter (XViewerTextFilter) I found that the filtering was a bit
over-aggressive for our needs. If a non-leaf-node did not contain the search text, then the
node would not be displayed, even if one (or more) leafs under that node did contain the
search text.  Am I not using that correctly, or is that by design?  I subclassed
XViewerTextFilter to allow parent nodes of leafs that match the search to be displayed, but
it did not seem like it was designed to be subclassed (all fields private), so perhaps I am
not approaching this correctly?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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