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Re: [nebula-dev] Date Selection Widgets

Hi Roland,

 Thanks for the overall impression and the comments - I'll respond in-line:

Roland Tepp wrote:
>    1. I personally dislike time entry by dragging hands of analog clock
>       - it seems to require too good mouse control.
A feature request was to have the hands "snap" at programmatically set
intervals and this seems to help reduce the amount of control required
fairly well.

>       Maybe if there was a way to enter hour/minute/second values by
>       typing (smt. like month/year chooser in the calendar part).
I had initially not seen the point of this because I was always using it
as a drop component to the CDatepickerCombo and the user could do this
in the text region.  However, if the CDatepicker is placed directly on a
composite then perhaps a DIGITAL_CLOCK style could be useful and would
render a CDatepickerCombo (of style SIMPLE) in the clock region. Another
possibility would be to use a two column table (like the Act! drop time
widget) which has toggle buttons to select the hour/minute values...
More thoughts... ?

>       Or have a style flag/option to render time picker similar to what
>       Mozilla Sunbird calendar offers:
I haven't built Sunbird in a awhile - is there a screen shot you could

>    2. The header above date widget could be redesigned a bit - currently
>       it is not immediately clear what these arrows and the dot between 
>       those arrows do. It would be likely so much clearer if you'd have
>       "spinner" buttons beside the month and year values instead and a
>       button saying "today" or "now" as a textual label. No special
>       "year editing mode" should be necessary - it just confuses people
>       if anything.
The header is a tricky one because each platform does it differently.
Initially I went more with the GTK style and am now currently using one
more like the Mac - it turned out that not many people were using the
year buttons unless they were making significant jumps, in which case
they were inadequate anyway.  Overall though, I do not want to emulate
one platform or another (SWT will cover that with native widgets) but
rather find the most optimal solution (if there is one, of course).
The following link shows the "old" style header (upper left of the
Calypso screenshot):
It also shows the footer enabled (the whole "Today is..." is a button,
which also has a "Go To Today" style). I should probably put up a screen
shot of the CDatepicker with this "Today" button visible...
A user requested a feature that would allow for a more convenient way to
set years that were a long way off (10+ years) and thus the "year
editing mode" was created - I think it is a good request and this is a
step in the right direction, but it's not there yet...

> Other than these details - it seems great :)
thanks for the feedback!

> Can I use it ;)
of course! :)

> Ivan Ooi kirjutas mulle  midagi seesugust:
>> Wow! that cool! I seen that things performce before. really really cool!
>> Thanks!
>> On 9/4/06, *Jeremy Dowdall* < jeremyd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> <mailto:jeremyd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>>     I would like contribute the following two widgets to the Nebula
>>     project:
>>     CDatepicker
>>       (http://www.aspencloud.org/widgets.php?detail=cdatepicker)
>>     CDatepickerCombo
>>       ( http://www.aspencloud.org/widgets.php?detail=cdatepickercombo)
>>     Code download and details are provided on the above website.
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