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[nebula-dev] New control submission

Taking the contribution process steps from the web site in reverse order:

3) The controls I am contributing to Nebula have already passed the Eclipse IP process because they were developed as a part of work on the Eclipse Platform project's data binding framework entirely within the Eclipse IP guidelines. I am the sole committer on those controls and my IP paperwork is up to date.

2) I am already a committer on Eclipse Platform and Visual Editor and my IP paperwork is up to date with the Eclipse Foundation.

1) The controls:

a) CompositeTable. Is an SWT table control natively supporting in-place editing, custom row layouts like rows with two lines similar to a checkbook register and much more. It is fully virtual--it only creates graphical controls for data it can actually display and only requests data that it can currently display. It is designed to integrate nicely with the Eclipse Visual Editor. Without adding any special support to VE, you can edit CompositeTable objects graphically today.

b) DayEditor. This is a graphical calendar control similar to Outlook's or PalmOS's day or work week view. It supports laying out events that overlap in time, all-day events, and when driven using JFace data binding supports events that span multiple days. It can display one day column, two day columns, n day columns--as many as will fit on the screen comfortably. This work builds on and extends CompositeTable.

c) (coming soon): MonthEditor. Like the DayEditor, but displaying/editing a whole month at a time. This work builds on and extends CompositeTable.

The code:

Repository: :extssh:<username>@dev.eclipse.org:/home/eclipse
Project: org.eclipse.jface.examples.databinding
Packages: org.eclipse.jface.examples.databinding.compositetable.*


Dave Orme
Visual Editor Project lead