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Re: [mylyn-reviews-dev] Project status

Steffen, I have updated the Mylyn restructuring document to:
- Added my name as committer under  the SCM project,

- As per Marco's request, remove his name form the committer list of the Review Project

- Updated the component structure of the Review project to reflect the use of the same git
repository but separating the reference implementations into its own separator folder. The separation is justified since each reference implementation may contain a good number of bundles e.g. ..core, ui, core.tests, ui.tests, help, feature, etc.. so a separator folder would facilitate the visualization of the actual structure and make it more in line with the Bugzilla component structure for the Reviews sub-project.

Comments are very welcome
Best Regards

On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 5:13 PM, Steffen Pingel <steffen.pingel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for the feedback.
  1. There are no R4E committers listed under the SCM project, I think there shall be at least one R4E committer under the SCM project. 
Yes, that would make sense. Please feel free to edit the document accordingly and add the person who is most likely to be involved in that portion of the project. We can of course always vote more committers in later.
  1. The suggested Git components under Mylyn Reviews don't seem to be under the same project (??)
The listing is probably a bit confusing. I was thinking to create separate git repositories for each of the components which would make it easier to split them up later if needed but it's probably overkill.
  1. Is it possible to use shorter names under the Git components e.g.

We could probably even leave it flat and rely on bundle namespaces for separation, e.g. :



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