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[mylyn-integrators] Add tracker in fusion forge plugin

Hi all,
I need some hints and/or suggestions.

I've created a plugin for fusion forge and it manages all tasks inside my forge like Jira (i.e. I can create and edit queries and tasks)
Now my plugin must manage trackers too and I don't want to use a OSLC-CM.

I wish to create and edit tickets like tasks.
My idea is the following one:
when you click on the icon of connector of fusionforge a new window appears where you can add a new functionality "New Tracker..." like "Add Task Repository...", "New Task...", "New Query...", "Delete Repository", etc...

Now I have added the new functionality "New Tracker..." and it starts the wizard for tracker. (In my plugin.xml I have added an extension point "popupMenus" for my NewTrackerAction).

In the createPage method of TaskEditorPageFactory I can choose TaskEditorPage or TrackerEditorPage if you choose New Task or New Tracker rispectively.

I want to customize TrackerEditorPage (that extends AbstractTaskEditorPage); actually in the editor page I have always "New Task" and "Task".
In my custom version of TrackerEditorPage I have overwritten the init method and I have set task.setSummary("New Tracker").
Now what I'ld like to do is to modify the "Task" (near active/deactive button) value with one value choosen by me.

First of all according to you is this the right way to proceed?
If so....do you have any suggestion for changing the Task label?