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Re: [mylyn-integrators] updated project plans

We can proceed as you mention e.g. comply to release requirements,
start regular releases from a separate composite site, etc. We have
some additional questions though and we should probably move this
specific discussion to Bugzilla e.g. using the existing bug.

360899: manage R4E participation in Juno release train

I would still suggest to agree on a suitable time so we can discuss
any pending issues at Eclipsecon Europe.


On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 7:02 AM, Steffen Pingel
<steffen.pingel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It sounds like you are on a very good track. My suggestion is that you
> resolve all outstanding release train requirements, create an update
> site for snapshot builds and participate in a few Juno milestones to
> establish a release process and give users an opportunity to try R4E.
> Once all of that is in place and working and there is integration with
> other Mylyn components I'd be a very good time to discuss making R4E
> available from the main Mylyn repository again. Regardless of that,
> you can always participate in Mylyn (or Eclipse) releases in the sense
> that you can make compatible releases available at the same time that
> Mylyn is released and we'd be happy to link the R4E noteworthy from
> the Mylyn website to make users aware. I have pasted some additional
> thoughts below.
> On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 4:13 PM, Alvaro Sanchez <alvsan09@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> We are scheduled to participate in Eclipsecon Europe 2011, this will
>> be a good opportunity to show the existing capabilities, and future
>> plans to interested users.
>> R4Eclipse has not been released yet and the publicity has been
>> limited. This shall change as we move to our fist release.
>> e.g. News and Noteworthy shall be created as we start producing
>> regular releases.
> I'd strongly recommend to make snapshot releases available early and
> often (i.e. as soon as the tooling is consumable by users). Snapshot
> releases are a great opportunity to validate workflows and new
> functionality before making it available in actual releases. Users
> have high quality expectations of Eclipse releases and if releases
> aren't sufficiently polished there is a risk that users are turned
> away from a project for a long time.
> Feedback from demo camps and such is useful but it's even more
> valuable to get users to actually install and use the tools. That's
> the type of feedback that can give you a much better sense what the
> important impediments are that should be addressed before a release.
>>> This initial feedback from early adopters is particular important to
>>> work out common installation and compatibility issues. We make an
>>> effort to run automated tests in a number of environments and
>>> encourage committers to bootstrap on a variety of configurations.
>>> Still, we can only ever capture a fraction of the configurations that
>>> are deployed in the real world and rely on the community to validate
>>> builds before distributing releases to a larger audience and less
>>> experienced users.
>> Agree, the proposal to include R4E in a first release within Mylyn 3.7
>> will allow us to provide a realistic installation environment with all
>> dependencies available in the same site.
> Once we publish something on the Mylyn release site users have (and
> should have) the expectation that the published features will work and
> install into their environment. I don't want to risk that trust by
> making components available from the main update site that haven't
> seen a sufficient level of validation. Basically, I would like to see
> that validation happen before stuff moves to the Mylyn site and not as
> part of making stuff available on the Mylyn site.
> You can easily create a composite site that aggregates the Mylyn site
> and the R4E site to provide users with a seamless install experience
> that is exactly the same as installing directly from the Mylyn site.
>> I see the problem,  we can leave the Subclipse connector out of the
>> Mylyn Versions release for the time being.
>> would the Eclipse Market place be a suitable place to offer an
>> update site for the Subclipse connector and dependencies ??
> Yes, a Marketplace listing that points to a repository with all
> required dependencies could be a very good option to publish the
> connector.
> Steffen
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