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Re: [mylyn-integrators] updated project plans

We currently don't have plans to address these [1] context API
enhancements for 3.7 but I have marked them as "plan" to put them on
the release backlog. If we have capacity we'll consider them during

To accelerate resolution of the bugs please feel free to join the
discussion on the bugs and suggest solutions. We always make an effort
to prioritize community contributions. Particularly for bugs that
concern API it's very important that we converge on a design first to
increase chances to get patches accepted.



 242428: [api] provide a global context API

 204495: [api] support populating mylyn context programatically using public API

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 9:34 AM, Jan Mauersberger <mauersberger@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Steffen,
> I saw that some API extension tickets as 349924 are in but how about context
> API enhancements as 315016 aka 242428 aka 204495?
> Cheers
> Jan
>> I have updated the project plans for Mylyn 3.7:
>> http://www.eclipse.org/projects/project-plan.php?projectid=mylyn .
>> Please take a look and let me know if anything is missing or
>> incorrect.
>> To add items to the plan: Set the "plan" keyword on the corresponding
>> bug and schedule it for for 0.9/1.6/3.7. Bugs with a priority of P1
>> and P2 show under committed, bug with a priority of P3, P4 and P5 show
>> under proposed.
>> To add items to the backlog to consider them during planning: Set the
>> "plan" keyword and schedule the bug for ---.
>> Steffen
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