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[mylyn-integrators] release schedule

As discussed on the call today, I'm proposing that we move the Mylyn
3.7 release date to February 2011. The later date will allow us to add
additional enhancements and fix compatibility issues with e4 and we
don't have a strong driver for a release in November at the moment. If
you have any thoughts or concerns please comment on this bug:

 343617: [release] plan Mylyn 3.7 release

To make bug fixes available that improve compatibility with Bugzilla
4.0 I'm proposing that we release Mylyn 3.6.3 in two weeks on October
26. If you have thoughts on that or other items that should be
considered for the next service release please comment on this bug:

 360873: [release] plan Mylyn 3.6.3 release


Steffen Pingel
Committer, http://eclipse.org/mylyn
Senior Developer, http://tasktop.com