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[mylyn-integrators] Problems writing a custom context bridge


short about my problem: I want to store my own type of elements in the context of a task and I started to write my own structure bridge. I got it work to the point that my elements are added to the context and shown as "Invisible Elements" in the task editor but no further. All attempts to correctly return the hierarchy of parent elements and to get them visible in the view failed. I stumbled over some mylyn base code and also some example bridge code that seems to assume that the top of such an element hierarchy is always a IResource, but I'm not sure. Anyway, in my context I don't have that IResource at the top (or more precisely I don't want to have it there.

What do I do wrong with my bridge when I only get the elements added as invisible? Any chance to see arbitrary element trees in the context tab on the task editor?

Any hint highly appreciated.



jan mauersberger
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