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[mylyn-integrators] how to get ITask object from task ID?

hi, folks

i'm recently developing a mylyn starteam connector to fetch tasks/CRs.

i notice that in the AbstractRepositoryConnector, i need to implement the method:
org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks.core.AbstractRepositoryConnector.getTaskData(TaskRepository, String, IProgressMonitor)

which means let me to update the TaskData from repository? generally, query latest details from server?

here's a taskId as String as the argument, but from my side, i cannot get the task URl from single taskId, i need context info, like IRepositoryQuery...

i found that this method signature is designed for http-like query, i mean both bugzilla, jira, trac all has a uniform url for querying task detail from task Id...

i notice that, ITask object will be persisted into task.xml.zip, and its attributes as well
so i'm thinking, is there any way to get the ITask object from taskId, and thus i can get some context info from the ITask object:

(ITask extends the IAttributeContainer interface)

anyone can help?

 Thanks & Best Regards!

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