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[mylyn-integrators] Possible Values for different Mylyn TaskAttribute's

Hi there,

I'm writing a custom connector for Mylyn. I was quite successful so far (thanks to the Wiki and the Trac Connector sources). For the mapping of the attributes I use an AttributeMapper. But as far as I understand, this only maps the attribute names. If I have to map attribute values, I have to implement a custom TaskMapper (as seen in the Trac Connector). However, I'm not sure, to what values for the Mylyn TaskAttribute I have to map.

For example I found out, that I have to map my (custom) priority attribute to Mylyn's attribute TaskAttribute.PRIORITY and the values to the enum ITask.PriorityLevel.

Is there a list of all Mylyn attributes and the range of possible values? In particular, I'd be interested to what values are valid for the attributes TaskAttribute.TASK_KIND and TaskAttribute.STATUS.

Thanks for your help,