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[mylyn-dev] supported repositories for 3.8

I have taken a first pass through the list of supported repositories for Mylyn 3.8. I'm proposing that we support the following versions for the Juno stream (assuming Trac 0.13, Gerrit 2.3, Hudson 3.0 are released prior to Juno):

* Bugzilla 3.6, 4.0, 4.2
* Trac 0.12, 0.13
* Hudson 2.2, 3.0
* Jenkins 1.447
* Gerrit 2.3

This would mean ending support for the following versions to lower maintenance overhead on our end:

* Bugzilla 3.4
* Trac 0.11
* Hudson 2.1
* Jenkins 1.424
* Gerrit 2.1, 2.2

Ending support means that we stop running tests against those versions and won't prioritize bug fixes specific to supporting older releases. We won't actively remove any code though that ensures backwards compatibility so older versions will likely continue to work with Mylyn.

If you have any input, please comment on this bug:

 376352: update list of supported repositories for Mylyn 3.8


Steffen Pingel
Senior Software Developer, Eclipse Mylyn
Mylyn Tasks Lead