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Re: [mylyn-dev] GSoC 2012 - Activity tracing for Tasks, Builds, Reviews and Commits

Hi Tim,

Very good that you are on board to help imp[rove the wonderful Mylyn even further.

My pet wish concerns milestone planning & visualization. It would have a single view where I can see all the tasks that need to be done for next milestone with current status and dependencies in a sort of graphical tree view.

One thing that I would consider useful in a dashboard is a graphical view to show all the bugs and dependencies that need to be fixed for next milestone.
A query that shows all bugs for a milestone is easy to make.

Unfortunately bugzilla doesn't support using the graphviz tree view for this right now, hence this work around:
In my own bugzilla I have the graphviz visualization turned on, so I can get a tree view. 
I then make a specific milestone bug that has a dependencies all the bugs that are scheduled for that milestone.

It would be much easier if this was integrated in Mylyn, because Eclipse does not have graphviz enabled. And it would be nice to just select the milestone and get the view. 

You understand what I mean?
Rather than discuss on mailing list maybe you should open a bug for your project, so we can discuss using mylyn itself (eat our own dog food)!

Good luck with your project!

Maarten Meijer
Eclipse RCP consultant & trainer
contributed to Mylyn & ECF