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[mylyn-dev] Indigo SR2 RC1 approaching


the first RC for Indigo is due on Thursday. I have the following three bugs on my list for backporting:

 367861: [backport] fields marked as incoming on Eclipse.org that had no changes

 346882: unable to update tickets with Bugzilla 4.0 and Mylyn

 368607: update Bugzilla repositories to 4.0.3, 3.6.7, and 3.4.13

Additionally, the following bugs are scheduled for 3.6.5:

 361147: support scrolling and focus in review comment part

 364509: NPE retrieving context when attachment creation date is null

 358972: Hyperlink to comment does not work for comments nested in the 'Recent' section

 324808: [context] removing a project from the context does not always remove all elements from all models

 327432: [context] copy a text file -> should be added to context

 341589: [context] Hover affordance can appear for multiple items

If any of these bugs are assigned to you, please resolve them until Thursday or reschedule to the appropriate milestone (3.6.5 is likely to be the last service release in the 3.6.x series, i.e. 3.7 will be the next release).

If there are any other fixes that we should consider for 3.6.5 please comment on this bug:

 364238: [release] plan Mylyn 3.6.5 release



Steffen Pingel
Senior Software Developer, Eclipse Mylyn
Mylyn Tasks Lead