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Re: [mylyn-dev] Regarding reviews on EPUB support

>> ...I've already added the generated code to Git as I could not figure out
>> a good way of generating it on the fly. Also Mylyn Builds does the same, so
>> I thought it was acceptable.
> Yes, this is fine.  There are advantages to having generated sources in SCM,
> I have no problem with that as a long term approach if you think it's best
> for the project.

In Mylyn Builds we have actually modified the generated sources so
there was no alternative to committing them.

The major advantage that I see with having generated sources in Git is
that contributors are not required to have a specialized tool chain to
build and modify sources. It's a big benefit in terms of lowering the
bar to participate in a project besides simplifying the releng


Steffen Pingel
Committer, http://eclipse.org/mylyn
Senior Developer, http://tasktop.com