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Re: [mylyn-dev] Regarding reviews on EPUB support

> I've done most of the changes you've requested through the Mylyn Gerrit and added more tests (except the Ant thing - more on that later). I'm having difficulty pushing changes to the Gerrit repository as it claims I've not done any changes (which I of course have). Meanwhile I'm pushing to https://github.com/turesheim/org.eclipse.mylyn.docs/tree/Mylyn_Review.
> I suspect some of the trouble I'm having is due to lack of experience with Gerrit, so I've got a private instance I'm playing around with. I'll have another stab at pushing the latest changes to the Mylyn Gerrit.

Feel free to play around with the Mylyn instance as well. It's not a
big deal at all if you push a review and abandon it. We're all in the
process of learning how to (effectively) use Gerrit and I have seen
quite a few unintended reviews go by (and created a bunch myself).

If you don't amend the existing commit that you pushed to Gerrit but
create a new commit Gerrit may complain that there are no updates. If
you can't resolve the problem it it's also easy to create a new local
branch from gerrit/master and simply merge your existing branch with
"git merge --squash". Then set the correct Change-Id in the commit
message and push. After that always amend that commit and push to
Gerrit to update the existing review.



Steffen Pingel
Committer, http://eclipse.org/mylyn
Senior Developer, http://tasktop.com