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Re: [mylyn-dev] Regarding reviews on EPUB support


Comments below:

On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 2:04 PM, Torkild Ulvøy Resheim <torkildr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks David,

I've done most of the changes you've requested through the Mylyn Gerrit and added more tests (except the Ant thing - more on that later). I'm having difficulty pushing changes to the Gerrit repository as it claims I've not done any changes (which I of course have). Meanwhile I'm pushing to https://github.com/turesheim/org.eclipse.mylyn.docs/tree/Mylyn_Review.

I suspect some of the trouble I'm having is due to lack of experience with Gerrit, so I've got a private instance I'm playing around with. I'll have another stab at pushing the latest changes to the Mylyn Gerrit.

Great to hear that your Gerrit troubles are not blocking progress.  Have you had any luck pushing to Gerrit since?  If you can figure out the problem it will make reviewing your changes a lot easier.
When it comes to the Ant script that builds the EPUB it requires both WikiText and EMF. I don't have a good idea when it comes to setting up where those bundles should be loaded from as it depends on the build environment. One could always configure the "wikitext.standalone" property from the command line when building - or from the external tools launch configuration when doing it manually. Any input here is appreciated.

Your best bet is to follow the example of /org.eclipse.mylyn.help.ui/build-helper.xml and /org.eclipse.mylyn.help.ui/pom.xml which look like an effort to integrate WikiText generation into the Maven build process.  I'm not sure how you would do this with EMF - you may just want to commit the generated source.  This has the added advantage that changes to the generated source are tracked in Git.


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