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[mylyn-dev] Hudson update

All Hudson builds jobs have now been updated to run against the Git
repositories. I made a few changes to the build jobs that are
documented in the contributor reference:

Most importantly, we now have one build job per Git repository (and
hence per sub-project). These "nightly" jobs are triggered by Git
activity and replace the mylyn-heartbeat jobs. If you are committer,
please feel encouraged to subscribe to the relevant mylyn-*-nightly
builds to monitor for test failures:

Integration builds are now running from the org.eclipse.mylyn.all
repository that links in all sub-project repositories as sub-modules.
I have setup fingerprinting based on the Git revision to enable
tracking of test results for future snapshot (weekly) and release
builds: https://hudson.eclipse.org/hudson/job/mylyn-release/lastCompletedBuild/aggregatedTestReport/

An important difference between the nightly and integration build jobs
is that the latter run against explicit target platform definitions
that are published to this Maven repository:
http://download.eclipse.org/mylyn/maven/snapshots/ . The target
platform definitions only include approved libraries and need to be
updated when new external dependencies are added. If anything is
missing or you need to add a dependency in the future, please open a
bug and CC me and I'll updates the target definitions.


Steffen Pingel
Committer, http://eclipse.org/mylyn
Senior Developer, http://tasktop.com