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Re: [mylyn-dev] Vex Editor for Mylyn Docs project

Vex can support XHTML and the old sourceforge project had this already setup, we just haven't brought it over to the current project.   The group is also working on Image support as well.  Through a Vex Plugin Project, one can also can add new support for new XML dialects, and create new CSS stylesheets to be used by the editor as well.


On 10/13/2010 07:33 AM, Mik Kersten wrote:

Looking quite slick.  There does look to be some complementary overlap with the existing WikiText project and with the plans we’ve been discussing for better support for RichText (eg, WYSIWYG HTML editing).   For example, WikiText already has support for embedded images, syntax-specific context assist, and we are exploring adding a unified toolbars that allows the insertion of markup for both RichText and WikiText.





Dr. Mik Kersten

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I'll be on Thursday's call.

As for some screen shots see:


As well, I've attached a screen shot showing Vex with a DocBook document in the Vex Document perspective.


On 10/12/2010 08:55 PM, Mik Kersten wrote:

Could we add this to this Thursday's meeting agenda and have some of the
Vex folks join?
Also, could someone post links to some recent Vex screenshots?
Dr. Mik Kersten
Tasktop CEO, Mylyn Lead, http://twitter.com/mik_kersten
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  I've talked briefly about this with a couple of Vex committers.  And
Mik suggested I bring this up on the mylyn-dev mailing list as well.
I've copied the existing Vex committers on this message as well.   The
Vex project is a Visual Editor for XML documents.  In particularl
document oriented XML files like DocBook, XHTML, DITA, etc.   It can be
used to allow a WYSIWYG editing experience with out having to know the
underlying tags.   DocBook is one of it's main uses, and it also support
DITA out of the box as well.  It uses CSS stylesheets to help control
the rendering.    It fits in the same category as Mylyn WikiText editor,
as it allows for a Single Sourcing method to documentation.  The
files produced are strictly XML, and can be checked into a source code
system, allowing multiple people to collaborate on the files.
Vex has been a WTP Incubator project for several years, and slowly has
grown a dedicated committer base.   The project is shooting for a Spring
graduation, but with the advent of the new Mylyn top level project, and
overal scope of Vex, I would suggest that the Documentation sub
project might actually be a better place for the Vex project itself.
It seems to fit more into the scope there, as we Web Tools while it
the XML projects, Vex itself is more about enabling the collaboration
generation of documentation, and the people that are typically
interested in
Vex are those working on documentation or articles for publication (i.e.
articles, books, etc).
Here are some relevant links:
The CI Build and FindBugs reports can be found on hudson:
There is a P2 update site that can be used to install the latest
versions as well,
archived from the vex CI build.
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