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[mylyn-dev] +1 for Frank Becker

In my interactions with Frank he has shown a high degree of professionalism
and has produced quality contributions.  In several cases Frank has
contributed to bugs I\'ve reported without soliciting his help.  I\'m
impressed by his level of involvement and believe that he would be a
valuable addition to the team.

bug 167941	enh	P2	Wind	dgreen99@xxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	resolved bugs
hyperlinks in comments should appear in a strikethrought font
bug 209870	enh	P4	All	robert.elves@xxxxxxxxxxx	NEW		support adding
attachments with new bug submission
bug 221017	min	P3	Mac	leo.dos.santos@xxxxxxxxxxx	RESO	FIXE	[mac] custom
drawing of task list is broken
bug 231336	nor	P3	Mac	Frank@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx	ASSI		Task List toggling sort
by descending/ascending has no effect if sort option is date created
bug 257320	maj	P3	All	Frank@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx	ASSI		[patch] a reopened
bugzilla task is shown with grayed strikethrough font in the task list

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